Transforming Teaching

for Active Student Engagement with the Curriculum Based on Good Thinking and yielding Deep, Motivated Learning !


Thinking-Based Learning (TBL) is an active teaching methodology that helps students learn how to think skillfully to support well-founded conclusions as they make decisions and solve problems by building on, expanding, and sharing their own curricular and independent learning in collaboration with other students.

The Results

Active, motivated, and well-founded thinking

Deeper and more meaningful knowledge

Opnmindedness in learning with others

More reliable and effective evaluation of self and others

Transfers to thinking and learning in our every-day lives and in the workplace

« All students can become good thinkers and successful learners »

The Center for Teaching Thinking (CTT) is an educational service organization providing workshops, staff development programs, and resources for teachers, schools and universities all over the world interested in adopting a more active-learning student-centered and thinking-based teaching methodology than the traditional lecture and rote-learning teaching style.

Programs &

Through our TBL training programs, teachers learn to infuse the teaching of thinking skills into content instruction to achieve richer and deeper learning related to curricular content objectives. The purpose of our three-workshop series is to help you learn how to do this with your own students. And this applies from teachers of infants to the those teaching students in their last years of more specialized secondary education. But how do we do that?

It is through our demonstrating lessons on specific thinking skills and working with you to analyze how they work, that we help you to use these as models for your own lessons for your students.

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